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Would be awesome if you could pick custom icons. Would like it to look more like an Alexa icon...

Basic Functionality

It’s not ALexa like you know through your Echo Dot. But it has most of her basic commands and responses. Im looking forward to hopefully having a fully operational Alexa on my Mac. Siri on my mac doesn’t even tell me the weather outloud like Alexa Does. As a paid customers, I am pleased to have her on my mac, would love to see a full version though, its hard taking your dot everywhere you go lol.. when i ask alexa “What are your deals” she shuts off

Works great

I have been looking for an Alexa app for my mac for a while and had been using Reverb but I like that this one sits in the menu bar rather than an open app box on my desktop. Not sure if Amazon will ever create an app for the mac (they seem to be coming out with one for Windows 10) So far so good. Wondering 1) If it is possible to make it always listening as an option? 2) Now that Amazon seems to perhaps have opened up some controls through their APIs (I think) will it be possible to incorporate music playback through the app?

Changing my review - works now

Originally I installed the app on Retina MacBook Pro running latest version of High Sierra. The icon appeared in the menu bar but would crash every time I tried to use it. Within less than 24 hours the developer updated the app and responded to my review. It works fine now. Thanks for the response!

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